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The Sparking Memories program also includes two other programs under its umbrella: Museum in a Suitcase and the Sparking Memories Café. Both offer portable collections that can spark conversation in the same way as the tour, with the first on-site at locations such as skilled nursing facilities and the latter at the history center. The program will give people with dementia or Alzheimer's the chance to share memories or experiences, without corrections, even if they don't get all the details right, Wilson said. This isn't a new concept, as museums, notably New York's Museum of Modern Art, have been running similar ones for years. Accessibility isn't just about making museums accessible to people with physical disabilities anymore; there's more of a focus on cognitive disabilities, said Beth Ziebarth, director of the Smithsonian Institution Accessibility Program. People with Alzheimer's and dementia are a growing part of the population, Ziebarth said, and it's part of museums' social responsibility to make their programs available to a wide group of people. That kind of accessibility to art and the removal of barriers has been a focus in recent years, said Dale Hilton, department director for adult and distance learning at the Cleveland Museum of Art. Making sure art is available to the community has also been a priority. "Museums have really made an effort in the last decade to be as well-integrated into the community as possible," Hilton said.

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